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About us

Interior Design

Interior Designer, 2001 Instituto De Diseño De Caracas

Associate of Arts Degree in Interior Design 2004 Boston Architectural College

Visual Merchandising, Macy’s New England

How have we evolved?

2013-to date: Business advisor in the field of design and visual merchandising. Founder of www.visualns.com – Visual NS Soluciones C.A. 2010 Visual merchandising coordinator. Fashion category, BECO. Venezuela
2007 Visual Merchandising Manager Macy’s New England, Downtown, Boston. (sales volume us$ 80,000,000)
2005-visual Merchandising Department Director. Macy’s New England, Bel- mont, Ma. (sales volume us$ 9,000,000)

At a business level

Department: Merchandising, Visual Merchandising
Association: Working together with regional teams and the Main Office.
Key functions performed:
Coaching VM advisors to achieve a creative market, quarterly merchandise presenta- tions taking into account tendencies and/or seasons, line of business and promotional strategies. Follow up on the team’s functions.
Interview and selection of new personnel.
Developing leadership among the staff.
Leveraging the sales force to identify opportunities for the company.
Constant monitoring of all the functions, goals and projections of the department to guarantee optimum performance and true compliance with same.
Design and implementation of an operating system to guarantee assortment optimiza- tions, better product communication on the sales floor, operativeness and better sales results.


Several results:

Results of budget compliance with the implementation of the project: BECO


  • Oct.-2010: 99%
  • Nov. – 2010: 95.9%


  • Dec. -2010: 113.6%
  • Jan. – 2012: 161%
  • Feb. – 2012: 124%
  • Mar. – 2012: 117%

At individual business levels

Design and coordination of display and assortment guidelines to guarantee more successful sales and compliance with the monthly budget by department or type of business.
Design and implement Visual Merchandising manuals thereby guaranteeing better displays, better product communication, greater sales and standardization of the different processes. Optimization of display areas and showcases.

Some results:

Results in the compliance with the project: FARMASHOP
Brand positioning in the target market of the zone achieving supercar sales by 60% in less than 3 months by applying effective commercial design and layout techniques, as well as corporate identity and product exhibition practices.

Our areas of interest

Stage design for theater plays, movies, etc.
Design and maximize existing spaces to update and convert them into excellent living spaces, offices and commercial premises and other social areas.
Special events.
Business advisor specializing in the restaurant and the hospitality business.

We offer our services to both our English speaking and Spanish speaking clients.